Principles & Core Values

Our name is what we do.  We fulfill our mission through unwavering commitment to our core values:

  1. Touch – we seek to touch the heart of those we serve and of our volunteers and staff
  2. Optimism – we facilitate an optimistic atmosphere to encourage faith, hope, and a belief that their quality-of-life can, and will, improve
  3. Unique – we invest time to learn the unique needs of our neighbors and provide support that suits their specific challenges
  4. Connect–we connect clients to resources to help them address root causes of their economic and/or social challenges
  5. Health – we educate our neighbors to help improve their total health and wellness.

These values provide the foundation of our organizational culture and define the underlying principles that guide how we serve our community.

Our History

Touch New Jersey began 30 years ago as “The Food Panty”, a community outreach initiative of First United Methodist Church in Mount Ephraim.  Church leaders started The Food Pantry in 1978 to help low income families in need of food due to job loss, illness or other socioeconomic challenges.  In 2003, supported by church officials, Debbie Realey assumed leadership of the initiative with a vision to establish The Food Pantry as a separate nonprofit organization and expand the community reach to include additional underserved New Jersey counties. The church outreach was reorganized in February 2008 as Touch New Jersey, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with the mission to help alleviate hunger by providing food and resources to individuals and families in need. 


Our mission is to help alleviate hunger by providing food and resources to individuals and families in need.  

Touch New Jersey is an ALL volunteer organization.